Marketing Matters

Marketing Matters

Leo MacLeod, Principal of Mainspring Marketing


Effective brands don’t always require big budgets to promote themselves, just a single-minded passion to deliver an outstanding customer experience every time. Brands are everyone’s responsibility.

You can expect to gain a strong reputation by controlling what customers can come to expect each time from you.

Brand promise – defining what the customer can expect to experience and delivering it consistently. Small branding requires a passion and commitment from every employee. Each employee holds the potential to erode or sustain the brand by how well he or she delivers on the brand promise. Consequently, brand management has more to do with personnel management and organizational development than which logo you select. Take care of the employees and they will take care of the customers.

Family Business: James Lea (

Don’t play by the competition’s rules, make the competition play by yours. Upgrade your operations and modernize your management if they need it (and many do); then put your competitive advantages as a family business right in the center of your strategy. Demonstrate to your customers that they aren’t really saving money when they buy second-best quality, service or after-sale support. Use a few commonsense tactics and tools:

  • Don’t grow too much.
  • Be easy to do business with.
  • Be customer-friendly.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Deal fairly.
  • Remain distinctive.
  • Stay hungry.

Whom do you really trust? Rob Smith, Editor (

  • The influence of advertising is waning considerably. A scant 5 percent of respondents believed information presented to them in advertisements.
  • The Internet’s popularity has soared, making it the No. 3 media source.
  • The vast majority don’t believe information unless they see or hear it from multiple sources.
  • People trust friends, colleagues, family members and nongovernmental organizations far more than traditional institutions and figures of authority.
    • Experts who have no vested interest in the welfare of a company are the most trusted spokespersons.
    • Corporate philanthropy is the top behavior that earns trust in the US and Europe.


CEOs need to engage stakeholders in a very personalized way, through local media and direct dialogue via the Internet, using credible third parties as spokespeople.

Institutions, including businesses, must engage the public in meaningful and honest dialogue to become or remain successful.


Laura Laama (02/11/05)

Cold calls grow sales, market share and your income.

  Friendly control

·  Assumptive actions – Fill out the forms before the meeting; create a file folder; picture getting the appointment and the sale

·  Assumptive vocabulary – When you; Once you; By setting up; After we;

Practice – tone of voice, articulation, expressions, body language and choice of words

Joyce Rosenberg (04/10/05)

Determine who you need to market to

  • Networking
  • Use methods that match your business
  • Make sure your product is in top condition
  • Get publicity for your company
  • Provide services
    • Teach something
    • Give value added service
  • Marketing is ongoing
    • New clients
    • Maintain current clients
    • People want to be cared about

Joyce Roenberg (06/05/05)

Look beyond the pitch to get sales moving

  • When sales start to slip, the problem could be a failure to keep developing new sources of revenue or a decline in your customer service or other operations.
  • Take a look at all aspects of the business:
    • Have you focused on client service and not on business development?
    • Are you sidetracked with operational issues, human resource issues, by problems with a particular client?
  • In search of sales:
    • Prospects
    • Past customers
    • Referrals from satisfied customers
  • Is there anything about your offering or company that needs to be fine-tuned or amended?
  • Is your competition providing better products or services.
  • Survey your clients to find out how you are doing.
  • Instead of individual sales, work on establishing relationships for long term clients.
  • What it takes to keep a client:
    • Focus from the beginning on the client’s ongoing needs.
    • Stay in touch with the client to make sure s/he remains happy with the company.

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