What We Do

We sell insurance products to companies and individuals and provide services that enhance the value of the insurance. We sell bonds and provide business consulting services that help companies meet their goals and aspirations as well as hard contract goals. We help companies and individuals create and fund plans for financial health.

Risk is part of daily life, comes in many forms and requires various types of insurance protection. Opportunity is also part of daily life, presents itself in known and hidden forms and can be handled through financial products and sound management strategies.

We are a business that takes into account risk and opportunity as part of your planning process. Through our conversations with you, we find out what risks keep you awake at night and what goals make you smile as you dream of the future. We find products and strategies that address your risks and present opportunities to fund your goals and dreams. We take into consideration the whole picture as we work with you to create a plan to help manage your business and financial investment.

We aspire to be an effective business partner. Our business mission is to design and manage each client’s unique plan of comprehensive and coordinated products and strategies to mitigate the costs of risks and to help clients attain a healthy financial future.

Our goal is to provide quality support for our clients in all areas of their personal and business needs. To this end, we seek value-added services and general business resources by affiliating with banks, attorneys, accountants and other services such as Third Party Administrators, Human Resource consultants, On-Line Enrollment providers, Wellness consultants and Business Development consultants.

Our Services

Our strength as insurance professionals comes from our in-depth and current understanding of the insurance industry and regulatory requirements, our knowledge and application of business practices, and our collaboration with business affiliates.

We provide a range of services to businesses to address benefit, liability, bond, investment and business needs and goals as well as to individuals to address health, liability and investments needs and goals. We.....

Create benefit designs to match your short and long term goals for your employee benefit program including core medical benefits, voluntary benefits, investment programs and flexible spending programs

Educate employees about benefits and wellness options that affect utilization

Provide assistance to employees to resolve issues arising while using their benefits

Assist plan administrators with current changes in insurance industry legislation, compliance requirements and provide plan review and designs with rate projections in advance of renewal

Research and design deferred compensation and investment programs for owners and key personnel

Research and design employee retirement programs

Create property and casualty plans to include commercial property and liability, workers’ compensation, management and professional liability, specialty coverages

Assist with business development and business succession issues

Assist individuals with personal medical insurance, umbrella liability insurance, and home, auto, personal property insurance

Over the years, our clients have appreciated our commitment to their success. They trust our advice and value our insurance knowledge and negotiating skills. They value our understanding and application of business practices and principles as the context for making decisions about benefit programs, risk solutions, bonds, and investment strategies.

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How we get paid

Insurance carriers and bond companies set a commission level to be paid to insurance producers for placing products through their companies. The commission is part of the premium paid by the client and  is approved by the Oregon Insurance Commission. Some carriers provide performance-based bonuses. These incentives are given for new business, retained business and volume of insurance placed. Transparency requirements mean carriers inform their customers about the amount of commission and bonus paid to a producer.

Our clients can depend on Pacific Benefit Planners to place their interests and welfare above income. We hold ourselves to high industry standards for quality and service. We earn our clients’ business.

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Securities offered through Variable Investment Advisors, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.

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