Who We Are

In today’s marketplace, providing benefits, insuring against risk, meeting compliance requirements, and achieving financial goals requires creative, client specific planning that takes advantage of all options available from a variety of insurance carriers and financial product companies. It requires an agency that understands that clients make insurance and investment decisions in the context of business and personal goals. It takes an agency that stays on the cutting edge to be able to anticipate and respond to client needs and goals.

We are leaders. We build business relationships, deliver results, and stand behind what’s delivered. We are prepared to demonstrate our knowledge and skill base by helping you define your requirements, identify impending problems and create an opportunity to be better at what you do.

We are professional problem solvers. Everything we do is to help each client reach an important goal. We are here to advise you on ways you can solve existing problems, to provide necessary information relative to solving those problems, and to provide guidance for successful problem resolution. We want you to be confident in your decisions.

We are a business. Our knowledge of business practices and development as well as our in-depth and current understanding of the business environment contributes to our strength as business professionals. We are capable of providing a range of services to assist you with business development and business continuation.

We are insurance professionals with strong knowledge of and experience with insurance products, insurance company practices and ratings, insurance rules and regulations, and the interface of coverages for comprehensive planning. We can assist you with ideas about how to fully fund the obligations you set up with your plans and to meet the needs for liquidity in the case of disability, retirement or death.

We are a leading edge firm. Our keys to success are to exceed expectations, to engage in continuous education and training,  to implement systems that streamline administration and operation, to associate ourselves with great people, and to align ourselves with programs that best serve our clients. We are known for client service, ethical behavior and professional knowledge.

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Mission and Values

We aspire to be an effective business partner.

We provide business consulting services, design and manage employee benefit programs, provide risk solutions, provide bond products, and help clients attain a healthy financial future through a comprehensive coordination of company sponsored benefits and individual investments.

We believe

Our clients come first. Our work with clients is “value added” and makes a positive difference. Our word is a contract and consistent follow through is a requirement. Our work to establish and support sound client relationships is the key to growth.

Our History

Pacific Benefit Planners is a locally owned and operated business. We began as a dream in the back room of our home in 1988 based on our belief that small businesses should receive the same level of insurance professionalism and representation that large businesses received. We established our first office in Eugene in 1990. We opened the Portland office in 1994.

We grow with our clients and the changing legislative and business environment. Through frequent client contact, intensive education and research, and participation in business organizations and community activities, we anticipate and identify changes, needs, and trends that relate to our clients. We add new product lines, licensed staff, technology capability, and streamline systems to meet the product and service needs of our clients.

Pacific Benefit Planners is certified DBE, WBE and ESB (#7673). We are the only certified, independent insurance agency headquartered in Oregon providing a full program of business consulting, employee benefits, executive compensation, bond placement, and property and casualty.

Applicable crediting rule: 49 CFR 26.55(a)(2) Count the enrire amount of fees or commissions charged by a DBE firm for providing a bona fide serve, such as professional, technical, consultant, or managerial services, or for providing bonds or insurance specifically required for the performance of a DOT-assisted contract, toward DBE goals, provided you determine the fee to be reasonable and not excessive as compared with fees customarily allowed for similar services.


Community Commitment

We believe business and community are interdependent and synergistic. When businesses are engaged and doing well, the community benefits from the addition of jobs, greater cash flow to vendors, more taxes for schools and for city and county projects and more contributions to charitable organizations and arts programs. When the community is engaged and doing well, businesses benefit by having educated and skilled workers, encouragement for entrepreneurial projects and start-ups, energized and forward looking politicians, and a functional infrastructure supportive of business growth.

We understand business from an employee perspective. We know the value of jobs and benefits provided to employees by each business. We understand business from an employer perspective. We know the challenges of being a small business - of hiring, training and retaining employees who are committed, active contributors to the business bottom line.

We understand the importance of access to a variety of educational opportunities, the necessity of feeling safe and a part of the community, and the value of opportunity for advancement and growth personally and professionally. We actualize our understanding by networking our contacts and through our involvement in community organizations, sponsorship of art and educational events, contributions to charitable organizations and mentorship of individuals preparing for nontraditional roles and jobs.

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