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Risks are generally viewed as events or circumstances that create negative or less than desirable results; however risk may have positive results as well. The word risk is derived from the Arabic word rizk meaning “to seek prosperity”. We work with you to identify risks and to balance opportunities with costs so you can achieve the outcomes – the prosperity – you want. We work with you to find the resources within the money you spend on lifestyle and the money you pay to financial institutions and government bodies to create accumulated money- prosperity.

Whether you start with ten or ten million dollars, assessing risks and setting goals are the first steps towards putting together an insurance plan and a financial strategy. The plan and strategy provide you with a map to follow in reaching financial goals.

The role of an insurance producer is to help you identify the risks that may affect your daily life and lifestyle at the various stages in your life. Whether the risk is an auto accident, having enough money for a child’s education, loss of earning power or living a long life, a producer provides a plan to identify strategies and products to provide funds for mitigating the impact of risk on your lifestyle.

The role of a financial representative is to build strategies to help you achieve your identified short, medium and long-term financial goals. A financial representative provides you with an honest and effective analysis of your finances and strategies for your investment, insurance planning, retirement, and estate preservation.

Independent agents provide choice, convenience, and advocacy for their clients, which in today's fast-paced world is very appreciated by consumers. Insurance Journal

"Thanks for all your hard work, attention to the details and consistent communication. We really appreciate working with you!" WR

 " Want to give you my heartfelt thank you.  You guys are amazing and again, THANK YOU!!" VB

"I am so glad you are working with me. You really go to bat for me." TR               

"Thank you for all your help. You made the process of choosing a healthcare plan so easy. I appreciate the word doc charts and meeting to go over all the options. I now know the important things to look out for in choosing a plan." N

"Once again - thank you SO much for taking the time to answer all of my questions today. It was beyond wonderful to have someone answer each of my issues and truly listen to my particular circumstance. I sincerely appreciate it." AC

"Thank you so much! I learned more from you in just these few minutes than I learned from all my previous research." CR

" Thank you so much for your help with this. We have both been so much less stressed about the situation after your guidance and advocacy." NV

Agents and brokers are licensed, regulated, and experienced professionals who educate consumers on complex products and enroll them in policies that fit their personal needs. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to assist you in mitigating risk while you work toward your financial goals.

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Examples of products and options for your planning decisions:

  • Identity Theft
    • Having your identity stolen is one of those situations no one wants to experience. Download tips for avoiding, detecting and following up with theft of identity.
  • Health insurance - Call us: 541-341-3478 or 503-223-3638.
    • Learn how to manage the costs and types of medications you may need before you get a prescription filled. Read Tips
  • Open Enrollment for individual health insurance - November 1, 2017 through December 15, 2017
  • - Set up your account, Update your account, Call PBP Insurance for help with selecting and enrolling in a plan 

Additional Contact Information

  • Directly with an insurance carrier - Call PBP Insurance for help with selecting and enrolling in a plan.

  • Short-term and long-term disability
    • According to the Social Security Administration, one in four 20-year olds will become disabled and unable to work before they reach the age of 67. What is your plan for protecting your earning power? Read More
  • Life insurance
    • Why, how much, what some research us.
    • What keeps you up at night? Download and call us 541 341 3478
  • Annuities
  • Auto insurance 
    • Do you drive AND talk on the phone? Did you know your chances of an accident increases 4 times? Read more about distracted driving.
    • I am required to obtain a SR-22. For answers to commonly asked questions, read more.....
  • Homeowners and renters insurance
    • Do you have a Fire Plan? Read more
    • What you  need to know about homeowners claims and risk management. Download a tip sheet. Download Electrical Tips for Older Homes
    • Identity Theft can be part of your homeowners policy. Ask us about different policy levels and endorsements that include identity theft.
    • Why do we ask so many questions? Why do we want to know about the roof of your house? Underwriters want to know about your roof for a reason - it helps with the claims process. Read more.
    • Are you in a flood zone? Find out what your flood risk is by using this link. Find out how FEMA remapping may affect your coverage. Read more. Find out about government sponsored flood insurance by clicking here. For 2015 update on FEMA Flood Policy fees and provisions, click here.
    • Is your house ready for winter? Download this checklist and make sure.
  • Personal umbrella 

Privacy Pledge

Learn More: Click on the following links to search for information you want to know about risk factors and insurance coverages, the insurance industry, and trends and research affecting insurance costs, products and services.  (En Espanol) The I.I.I. has a full library of educational videos on its You Tube Channel.

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