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You make decisions every day in your personal life and in your business life. As part of your decision making process, ask your insurance agent to research risk and costs.

You decide that having a vacation home at the coast would be a good family investment especially since you could rent it during the times you are not using it. You find the perfect cottage and begin the purchase process. Prior to closing you are told you need proof of insurance to include flood insurance. You also need to decide how much rental time you are going to have because that will affect your type and limits for liability insurance. Prior to purchase, your agent could have researched the location for flood designation as well as zoning regulations and liability risks that may afffect overall investment costs and ability to use the property the way you want to.

Your business is growing. You have a great opportunity to merge with another business to increase your business efficiency and capability. You have worked with another business on several projects over the last year and know they do quality work and provide skills and services that complement your work. Did you know by merging companies:  Your liability may be rerated at the highest rated risk class? Your workers comp payroll report will be adjusted by class code? Before you make a business decision about expanding your company through merging with another, ask your agent to research the insurance changes and costs associated with the acquired company so that you have a realistic merger budget.

Your daughter turned 16 and you decide to buy her a car - older but safer - and add it to your policy. You are shocked at how much the insurance costs. With more information, you might have picked a different car and planned a time when you could review your whole package. Before you pick out a car, call your agent and ask about vehicle ratings and young driver programs and considerations available through different companies.

Why do your clients choose you? Because you stay ahead of the curve! Being able to have real time photos of events and locations would certainly put your company ahead of the curve so you buy two drones. If you had called your agent before you purchased the drones, you would know this is an emerging - therefore unclear - field of insurance. While you can use a drone for personal use, commercial use is excluded under current business insurance. Your drones are sitting in storage waiting for insurance to catch up with intended use.


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